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MinCoin Project Update

MinCoin Project Update Hello MinCoin Community Members! The MinCoin Development Team is currently working on a MinCoin Project Update. We have opened the MinCoinForums back for new registrations so new users can sign-up and join our community. We are currently working on updating the Core MinCoin Client/Wallet software along with increasing network resources to help…

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Is MinCoin The Digital Commodity Solution?

The Digital Commodity Solution What is MinCoin? MinCoin (Min is short for minimalist) has CPU/GPU based scrypt mining 1 minute blocks and only 10 million total coins. Only 2880 MinCoins are mined each day for the next 10 years. A low total amount of coins and fast blocks make MinCoin an optimal long term Crypto-Commodity…

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CrypticZero Mining, New MinCoin Pool

We are happy to announce that MinCoin has a new mining pool at CrypticZero Mining! We have done some preliminary mining on this pool and have tested the automated payout system and connectivity and we are happy to report that this pool has functioned perfectly for us! If you are looking for a new MinCoin…

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New Service Providers, Accepting MinCoin.

 MinCoin has 3 New Service Providers! We are proud to announce that MinCoin has formed an alliance with three new service providers that are accepting MinCoin as a method of payment. Forming new strategic alliances with business both in the crypto world and outside of the crypto world has always been a top  priority for…

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MinCoin, Princeton University Conducts A Study

Princeton University technology students recently conducted a study on select digital commodities including Bitcoin, MinCoin, Litecoin and a few others. There were several studies included within this bitcoin and bitcoin technology related project. Only a select few Altcoins were used in this digital commodity study, one of which being MinCoin. Looking at simple blockchain data…

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Bitcoin,MinCoin,Litecoin, Best Crypto-Commodity?

Which one is the best Crypto-Commodity? Bitcoin is by far the biggest crypto-coin in terms of popularity and e-commerce. Litecoin would be next in terms of popularity and e-commerce, but I’m not sure we should judge which crypto-coin makes the best digital commodity simply based on it’s popularity due to being “first to market”. That…

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